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Glossary of Terms

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A legal proceeding under which a person's money in control of another (such as salary) is taken for payment of a debt. The amount which may be taken is set by statute (usually as a percentage), and, in most states, a judgment is necessary before garnishment.

(1)     A lien such as a tax lien or judgment lien which attaches to all property of the debtor rather than the lien of, for example, a trust deed, which attaches only to specific property.
(2)     The right of a creditor to hold personal property of a debtor for payment of a debt not associated with the property being held. Must be done under an agreement since against general precepts of law.

A partnership made up of general partners, without special (limited) partners.

A colonial style of architecture dating back to the eighteenth century. Characterized by first floor windows extending to the ground, its exterior placements (windows, doors, etc.) are simple and well balanced yet formal in appearance.

To divide an area into districts, against the obvious natural divisions, in order to accomplish an unlawful purpose For example: To divide a school district to keep out certain people for reasons of race or religion: to divide a political voting district so as to give power to a political party.

A method of purchasing GNMA securities through "puts" and "calls" A GNMA Call Option is the right to buy GNMA securities at a specific yield for a specified time A Put Option is the right to sell GNMA securities at a specific yield for a specified time. The buyer pays for the option and may exercise it, not exercise it, or sell it

A mortgage or deed or trust calling for increasingly higher payments over the term of the loan. This allows the buyer low beginning payments. The payments then increase as (theoretically) the buyer's earnings increase.

A Lake Michigan waterfront town located in Western Michigan.  The United States Coast Guard conducts a large festival each Summer.

The record of the passing of title to all the properties in a county as kept by the county recorder's office. Property is checked by tracing the names of the sellers and buyers (chain of title). Title companies usually have more efficient methods by keeping records according to property description, rather than people's names.

The scheduled (total) income, either actual or estimated, derived from a business or property.

A figure which, when multiplied by the annual gross income, will theoretically determine the market value. A general rule of thumb, which varies with specific properties and areas

A lease, which obligates the lessor to pay all or part of the expenses of the leased property, such as taxes, insurance. maintenance, utilities, etc.

(1)     Thin mortar used in masonry work to fill joints between bricks, blocks, tiles, etc.
(2)      A variety of plaster used to finish ceilings of superior quality.

A fixed rate. Graduated payment loan allowing low beginning payments and a shorter term because of higher payments as the loan progress Based on the theory of increasing income by the buyer and, therefore, ability to make higher future payments When state law applies, usury laws in some states may not presently allow such loans when less than interest only payments create interest on interest.

Agreement to pay the debt or perform the obligation of another in the event the debt is not paid or obligation net performed. Differs from a surety agreement in that there must be a failure to pay or perform before the guaranty can be in effect.

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