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Glossary of Terms

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The estimated percentage of vacancies in a rental project May be based on past records of the property, or a professional guess if a new project Surrounding area buildings. if similar, may be used for comparison

An interest rate which fluctuates as the prevailing rate moves up or down. In mortgages there are usually maximums as to the frequency and amount of fluctuation. Also called flexible interest rate

The placing of a facing material over the external surface of a structure

(1)     The county (or other geographical division) in which an action or prosecution is brought for trial and which is to furnish the panel of jurors
(2)     The county in which an acknowledgement motorization) is made

Data regarding births, deaths, marriages, health records, etc and usually kept by a governmental bureau Federally, the Bureau of Vital Statistics

A term in electronics being the force necessary to cause one ampere to flow through a conductor with a resistance of one ohm Common household current is 110 volts, with a 220-volt circuit used for some heavy appliances Industrial uses may require higher voltage

A lien placed against real property by the voluntary act of the owner. Most commonly, a mortgage or deed of trust

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